Get Involved With Your Organizing Campaign Today

    Unions are about representing all employees and it will take all of us working together to realize success. With everyone working together, we can bring about and win a union representation election so that we can work under a collective bargaining agreement. With 19 different branches and nearly 600 employees, there is plenty of work to do. Here’s how you can help:

    • Make sure you have signed a card and returned it to the IAM Union Organizer Bridget Fitzgerald. You can contact her by calling or texting 301-213-4189 or emailing
    • Talk to your friends and coworkers when you are off the clock about why you think a union would be good for BCPL employees. It’s important to point out that many employees want a union to protect the good things we like about working for BCPL, not just improving working conditions.
    • Encourage your friends to sign a card. If they have questions, give them Bridget’s contact information to answer questions or set up a group informational zoom meeting.
    • Send a letter to your state representatives asking them to support the legislation granting BCPL employees collective bargaining rights.
    • When we file for a union representation election, make sure you vote, “Yes!”

    Take a minute to fill out the form below if you want more information on how you can become involved.

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    I Can Help the BCPL Campaign By:

    Talking to my co-workers about supporting the Union.Giving my co-workers union information and cards to sign.Participating in information meetings (virtually or in-person as appropriate).Encouraging my co-workers to participate in meetings.