Library Staff Are Joining Together for a Better Life

Library staff in Baltimore County are joining together to form a union. Whether you love your job but want security or are struggling and need change, now is the time to get involved. Working together we can make our workplace better.


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Contract and Meeting Registration Information

We are moving forward with our meetings about the contract and union stewards. Click learn more for registration information and a link to the contract. 

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Our Mission

The employees of the Baltimore County Public Library System want union representation to collectively bargain for improvements in the workplace. We want consistency in policies across all branches and a voice to ensure the best library experience for all employees and the greater Baltimore County community.

Consistency in Policies

BCPL employment policies are intended to create a uniform work environment. However, when the implementation of policies differ across 19 branches employees are left with an uncertain and confusing work environment. Union representation can correct inconsistencies and give employees a voice against unfair enforcement.

Fairness in Hiring & Promotion

Careers in the BCPL system are desired and rewarding. Competition is high to be hired and promoted. The general consensus is the hiring and promotion process is grounded in subjective favoritism. With union representation, a collective bargaining agreement can contain language that establishes a fairer and transparent promotion process.

Wages & Benefits

Across all industries, union employees earn higher wages and have better benefits; library staff are no different. In 2018, union librarians earned approximately 38% more weekly than non-union librarians. Additionally, union contracts are the most effective way to combat the gender wage gap.

“I want a union because I want upper management to respect staff, to remember we are people and to seriously take our safety and our concerns into consideration.”

“I want a union for BCPL because I want a democratic, equitable workplace where everyone has a voice. A union is the best way to improve BCPL, both for our fellow workers and for our communities.”